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Video: How To Clean Windows Better Than Your Window Cleaner

How To Clean Glass and Windows

This is a spontaneous on-the-job video recorded sharing a trade secret of mine on the best way to easily clean any window or glass surface.

Magnetic Vinyl – Removable Taxi Door Cards, Border Exclusive Travel

Border Exclusive Travel - Vinyl Magnetics for Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

There’s a slight downside to applying vinyl graphics to vehicles. This is that they are a semi-permenant application. For taxis and private hire vehicles which need temporary branding which can be removed and re-applied easily, magnetics are the way to go. The magnetic substrate comes in a white base-colour, so it’s ideal for white vehicles. […]

Cut Window Vinyls – Microtech Stationers, Nelson

A new design concept using varying text sizes on words arranged into a cluster format. I have used the concept before with cut vinyl material but wanted to showcase this as larger window graphics installation with better detailing.

Signs and Vinyls: Spruce Up Your Mirrors With Cut Vinyl

Vinyls on Mirror

This post shows a basic technique of using cut vinyl to brand mirrors and glass of all sizes and shapes.

Portfolio Update: July 2011 – Vehicle Graphics

Astra Van

A recent portfolio update consisting of two vans, a small Vauxhall / Opel Astra Van and a bigger LWD Merc Sprinter. Graphics designed and applied with strict budgets in mind. The initial cost can be minimal compared to the potential business acquired through marketing on vehicles.

Vehicle Graphics – Back Screens are Back!

Back Screens

This post shows a couple of recent back screens on vehicles I designed and applied. This would be the ‘no-frills’ approach but it can be very effective if done correctly.

Fonts: Recent Discovery of the Horrific Use of Comic Sans in my Locality

Comic Sans

The ever-slated Comic Sans is a font which needs no introduction when it comes to over-use, uselessness and general hatred and annoyance amongst the graphic-design community. In fact, I included it in a blog-post called ‘My Top Six Fonts I am Sick to Death of and Will be Deleting – NOW!’ which I published in May last year (you can view that post here. This font caught me off-guard recently when I discovered it’s horrific use on a recent appointment to see my dentist…

Portfolio Update: December 2010

Spice Of Asia Menu

This is a summary-post of what I have been up to work-wise this past month or so. It’s always varied and there’s been some interesting people and projects. View my portfolio to see all the new updates.

Large Format Printing – The CMYK Black Problem


I recently printed a large PVC banner for a customer. The design and branding consisted of a flat black background, which didn’t print correctly because of a conflict between how different colour models, such as CMYK, RGB and HSV are interpreted. This is a post about the problem and my solution to get the correct CMYK black colour specification.

Woman Gets Knocked Out By Falling Nightclub Sign

Woman injured by falling sign

A woman was injured when a Nightclub’s fancy exterior signage failed and crashed to the pavement beneath.