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Canvas Art: Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

This details a painting I completed of Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, or ‘Sheikh Hisham’ as he is also known. Using acrylics on canvas board, the portrait depicted a ‘life-like yet abstract’ concept I had for the project.

Case Study: Victor’s Liquors, Manchester, Lancashire

Victor's Liquors, Sale Road, Manchester

Victor’s Liquors is a new off license and liquor store in Sale, Manchester. In the summer of 2009, I was approached by the owner to manage the whole project and get the store ready for it’s opening in August, 2009.

Case Study: Mansha Sweet Centre, Nelson

Mansha Sweet Centre, Nelson, Lancashire

Mansha Sweet Centre, A Hit With The Locals! Mansha Sweet Centre started of with their first branch in ‘home sweet home’ Nelson, Lancashire, back in 1999. Their selection of freshly-cooked asian sweets, confectionary and savouries made them quickly become ‘jam-packed’ (forgive the pun) with customers every time you visited. Yes, be it morning, lunch or […]

Case Study: Splash Car Valeting, Nelson

<Samsung NV3, Samsung VLUU NV3>

Splash Car Valeting is a vehicle hand-wash business from Nelson, Lancashire. They have two sites, one in Nelson within a covered business unit, and one in Brierfield, Lancashire (about 2 miles away) on the main road running through the town. During summer, both sites are extremely busy where people get their prides and joys washed, […]

Was Adolf Hitler an Aspiring Artist Before He Became a War-mongering Dictator?

Hitler's Handywork

Should’ve stuck to Art, Adolf(!) After stumbling across an online article today, it came as a surprise that, apparently, Adolf Hitler was a ‘bit of an artist’ in his teens. The claims come as a collection of drawings and sketches believed to be the handy-work of the mad-man himself, are up for auction. They were […]

David Beckham’s ‘Vihctoria’ Tattoo

Anybody Got An Eraser? Do you remember the ‘David Beckham Victoria Tattoo’ story? Back in 2000, Beckham decided to get his wife’s name emblazoned on his arm in Hindi, as he thought it would look ‘tacky’ in English(!) So he did, only to be told afterwards that it actually spells ‘Vihctoria’ with the additional ‘h’. […]

Street Art and Graffiti – A Love / Hate Thing

Grafitti, street art or vandalism, call it what you want, it’s part of urban life. Everybody can relate to a particular piece in their locality in the past or present. It’s basically a two-sided affair. Some people love it, some people hate it. As an artist, I can appreciate the creativity and hard-work involved in […]