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Canvas Art: Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

This details a painting I completed of Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, or ‘Sheikh Hisham’ as he is also known. Using acrylics on canvas board, the portrait depicted a ‘life-like yet abstract’ concept I had for the project.

Case Study: Mansha Sweet Centre, Nelson

Mansha Sweet Centre, Nelson, Lancashire

Mansha Sweet Centre, A Hit With The Locals! Mansha Sweet Centre started of with their first branch in ‘home sweet home’ Nelson, Lancashire, back in 1999. Their selection of freshly-cooked asian sweets, confectionary and savouries made them quickly become ‘jam-packed’ (forgive the pun) with customers every time you visited. Yes, be it morning, lunch or […]