New Product: Personalised Aluminium and Gloss Vinyl Name Placque

Personalised Name Placque

Over the years, I’ve managed to accumulate a vast array of my own original creations. This is the first one of many which I will be offering for sale, the full story and inspiration behind this one is in the eBay listing. 1. Personalised Aluminium and Cut Gloss Vinyl Contour-Cut Name Placque – design by […]

Ramadan: Eight Health Benefits from Fasting which may Shock, Surprise or Stimulate You

Ramadhan and the benefits of fasting

There’s a difference between starvation and intermittent fasting. As a muslim, the main reason why we fast during the holy month of Ramadan is to experience the plight of the hungry, and to discipline ourselves in order to refine our closeness to God.

Video: How To Clean Windows Better Than Your Window Cleaner

How To Clean Glass and Windows

This is a spontaneous on-the-job video recorded sharing a trade secret of mine on the best way to easily clean any window or glass surface.

Memes – Water and the World’s Population

Water is life...

A quick meme I created after a recent facebook status about the cleanliness of water in different areas of the world.

Events – Weapons of Mass Creation Festival, August 2013

Weapons of Mass Creation, 2013 - Cleveland, Ohio

Weapons of Mass Creation Festival 4 runs from 16-18 August, 2013. It’s a gathering of designers, artists, musicians, creatives and musicians to network, engage and inspire others to embrace their creativity. Held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Magnetic Vinyl – Removable Taxi Door Cards, Border Exclusive Travel

Border Exclusive Travel - Vinyl Magnetics for Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

There’s a slight downside to applying vinyl graphics to vehicles. This is that they are a semi-permenant application. For taxis and private hire vehicles which need temporary branding which can be removed and re-applied easily, magnetics are the way to go. The magnetic substrate comes in a white base-colour, so it’s ideal for white vehicles. […]

Custom Clothing – Cafe Express Vinyl Polos, Summer 2013

Cafe Express, Nelson - Polo Tees

New logo and vinyl transfer polos for Cafe Express, Nelson. Bold and minimal design for maximum effect for when the guys are on the move. Roll on summer!

Blogging – I’m In The ‘Top 100 Design Blogs To Follow In 2013’ Home page January 2013

A pleasant surprise in the first week of 2013 was that an online website called CouponAudit included me in their ‘Top 100 Design Blogs To Follow In 2013’. Now if this isn’t a further incentive for me to refine my blogging schedule, I don’t know what is!

NYE 2013 – Happy New Year from Herbie

Happy New Year 2013!

A quick happy new year’s message to my readers and fans! Hope 2013 is ‘the one’ for you all!

Activism – Pro-Gaza Peaceful Protest and Demo in Nelson, Lancashire

Palestine Hope

In November 2012, Israel started a horrible bombardment on Gaza and it’s Palestinian population. Indiscriminate bombing campaigns have left mostly civilian casualties and infrastructure destruction. Local people and professionals in Nelson, Lancashire felt obliged to speak out over these war crimes, so we went ahead and organised a rally in our town centre, on Sunday, 25th November, 2012.