Cafe Express, Nelson - Polo Tees

New logo and vinyl transfer polos for Cafe Express, Nelson. Bold and minimal design for maximum effect for when the guys are on the move. Roll on summer!

Cafe Express, Nelson - Polo Tees

Cafe Express Polo Tees, 2013 – Vinyl Transfer

Previous edits of their logo included the token ‘arrow’ symbol in various guises to depict the speedy service suggested by the word ‘Express’ in their name. So trying to stay innovative, I ditched that idea this time around and created a fork-and-knife symbol in-place of the ‘x’. Looks sick(!)

Clean, bold design ideal for vinyl transfer, printed t-shirts for Cafe Express.

Clean, bold design ideal for vinyl transfer.

Great quality long-lasting garments with high-quality artwork and vinyl transfer. Great for short-runs!

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