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The Midas Touch:
Midas or King Midas (in Greek Μίδας) is popularly remembered for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold, ie: ‘the Midas touch’

Welcome to Hysteria Lane

Welcome to ArtbyHerbie.com, my online home. Trying to make this short and sweet is like trying to get Jaws to go vegetarian, it just aint gonna happen. That’s because I, the ‘hysterikal kid’ Herbie Hysteria am a complex being at heart. I have a unique perception of the world and and wish to share my endeavours with the rest of the world. In all, I wish to retain you as a loyal reader, fan, client or just somebody who appreciates my stuff(!)

What Do You Do, Herbs?

herbiebarberProfessionally, I’m an artist and designer from the UK and my business offers various services to a range of clients. From websites to walls, everything is completed in-house by me and my homies. Check it all out in the right sidebar —>. However, like a bag of WoolWorth’s (RIP) pick ‘n’ mix, I like to keep my interests and achievements varied. Creativity is only limited by imagination. I would define myself as a ‘creative artist / designer’ which is a bit more generic. I hope to keep on increasing the different services offered to my clients.

So, Was Your Dad’s First Name ‘Hysteria’?

Oh shut up, you idiot! Before ‘Herbie Hysteria’ was officially adopted as my full professional pseudonym, it was an alias I had used before in other forms of media (watch this space….). It also meant that I couldn’t distinguish anymore between the people who USED to call me ‘Herbie’ ie the ‘old school’ friends and generally people I grew up with, and people who only knew me as ‘Herbie Hysteria’ ie. clients, the general public and so forth. Both groups of people would be now calling me ‘Herbie’. So Herbie Hysteria is an organic creation, and one that shall be my channel through which I express myself in many projects.

What’s This Website All About?

flash1What the hell? What’s wrong with you? Get the terminology correct, for a start! This isn’t a website it is a ‘weblog’, yes you guessed it, a fusion between website and blog. In fact, as of mid-2009, this is my second-home. I LIVE in this weblog, so don’t go calling it a ‘website’. Ya heard? Right, onwards. This weblog serves many purposes, which includes my ramblings, work and updates.

I Heard You’re A ‘Naturally Talented’ Artist? Where’s The Proof, Fool?

schoolboyherbMove on over, small-timer! As a little screamer at school, my natural talent at freehand drawing and creative art was quickly noticed by school teachers and fellow screamers. Many pieces were completed in due course. However, it has been ten years since little schoolboy Hysteria went to school. Like a dinghy in the Bermuda Triangle, they are untraceable. (Probably tossed in the bin as soon as our school year left and the next started). However, all was not lost as the testament to my childhood talent was discovered years later gathering dust in a damp attic cupboard behind my old ‘Raleigh Wildcat’ bicycle. Yes, it was my school GCSE Design and Technology coursework. After dusting off and removing the cobwebs, the quality of the work and freehand graphic design was plain to see. Dubbed ‘The Lost Coursework’, this is the true testament to a gifted talent. There is a dedicated post to ‘The Lost Coursework’, read it by clicking here.

‘The Lost Coursework’

lostcourseworkThe work shows the creative flair and design skill I had as a little rascal attending Edge End High School, Nelson, Lancashire. All done by hand, the work earned me an ‘A’ grade in Design and Technology: Graphics in 1998. All the girls wanted to take me home, my art had such an effect(!) I left school with good grades and a reputation as ‘a bit of a Picasso’. The world was my oyster, it seemed and I could do no wrong. However, I wronged in a terrible way. I didnt choose ‘Art’ as a college subject.

Digital Design Skill (Graphic, Print and Web)

desktopSo I was a genius at Art. However, I was also a silly little boy. Like the rats following the Pied Piper of Hamelin, I chose to study ‘IT and Computing’. I look back at it now and I think it would have been worth it dragging an over-sized portfolio bag around college for two years, like you see the Art and Graphics students doing. College and University followed and Herbie Hysteria went into the IT industry, instead. I became a competent graphic and web designer (this weblog is 100% my work and I am an avid blogger, as you can most likely tell), I yearned for a paintbrush in my hand rather than a sweaty mouse with bits of food stuck between the buttons(!) A few adventures and episodes later and the notorious discovery of the ‘Lost Coursework’ made me re-evaluate my career aspirations. I wanted to incorporate all my talents into one entity. Therefore, ArtbyHerbie.com got the ‘green light’.

Wall Art and Canvas Art

logowhoisOK, now answer me this: ‘How many Graphic Designers or Web Designers do you know who are also competent with a paintbrush?’ Not many, right? I’ve loved art since I was a kid, and my wall art projects have always been received well. It’s all part of the service and if you do decide to get your walls pimped, you’ll see that I do it all by hand. Multi-talented and multi-skilled, yeah, I know.

What Do You Blog About?

Blogging is limitless. Sharing ideas, content and concepts is exciting for me. The blog and articles are updated as and when I can and, primarily, I blog about my business, projects and technical stuff. However, it’s not strict. I aim to share content with you which is organic and unique. So, there’s all sorts of stuff like case studies, reviews, tips, tricks, stories and tutorials. Anything reallly, as long as it’s relevant and unique.

Any Other Tricks Up Your Sleeves, Herbs?

Of course there are. If I didn’t have great ideas for future projects then I wouldn’t be a very creative ‘Creative Designer’ would I? Herbie Hysteria Inc will grow organically and I hope to express myself in other forms of media very soon. There’s some great projects coming soon, make sure you’re around to experience them. ;)

Yours Truely,
Herbie Hysteria

Hire Me

The first port of call would probably be my really well-designed Quotation form. I’ll get back to you once I’ve got some basic information about your project.

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