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Blogging – I’m In The ‘Top 100 Design Blogs To Follow In 2013’ Home page January 2013

A pleasant surprise in the first week of 2013 was that an online website called CouponAudit included me in their ‘Top 100 Design Blogs To Follow In 2013’. Now if this isn’t a further incentive for me to refine my blogging schedule, I don’t know what is!

Facebook Pages – My New Welcome Tab and How You Can Get Yours

Facebook Welcome Page - New Fans

This post describes how I created the new ‘Welcome’ tab on my Facebook Page and how you can easily do the same with some basic HTML skills. It’s a great way to greet your page visitors, look more professional and can lead to an increase in the number of fans or ‘likes’ you get.

Facebook Display Picture – Introducing ‘Bookface’


My version of the default Facebook display picture, why oh why didn’t it come to me earlier?

Cool Web Apps – Create An Oil Spill On Any Website!

oil spill 2

This is just a quick post about a nifty web application which creates a graphical oil slick on any website. It’s kinda cool and creative, whilst also generating awareness about the recent BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

View Your Website or Blog on the Apple iPad, Without an Apple iPad(!)

A novelty pm;ine website rendering content within a static ipad image.