Facebook Display Picture – Introducing ‘Bookface’

The recent NSPCC campaign to raise awareness of child cruelty and neglect by encouraging everybody to change their Facebook display picture to a childhood cartoon seems to have worked! Although there are reports that the whole thing is a scam, it’s done rather well to get the point across to the masses. My Facebook friends-list seems to have turned into the cast for a Disneyland pantomime. I, too, changed mine to a group-shot of the characters from ‘Rude Dog and the Dweebs’ (a childhood favourite) because I believe it’s a worthy cause for minimal effort.

See, there ARE the usual cynical air-heads who choose to whinge and whine about it with statuses such as ‘Instead of changing a picture, go and donate’. I believe it’s about raising awareness, which it obviously has, which would then result in increased donations ANYWAY. Also, if the LEAST we can do is acknowledge such a campaign by changing our display pictures, then so be it. Some people are ‘fucked-in-the-head’, as they say in my neighbourhood.

Anyway, my mind floated towards ‘facebook display pics’ and a little concept just ‘came’ to me last night and envisioned itself within my head, plain and simple, creative and clear. I did a little ‘research’ to see if the concept had been used already, but nothing significant came up. I created it and exported it as a png, had a little laugh whilst doing so. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my latest ‘one minute wonder’ – ‘Bookface’:


Your new Facebook default display picture..

Feel free to save the image, in-fact, use it as your Facebook display pic and add me, now that I WOULD get excited about. Anyways I’m off, this was just a quickie, watch out for this month’s portfolio updates and stuff.

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4 Responses to “Facebook Display Picture – Introducing ‘Bookface’”

  1. Jane Ogotu says:

    lol nice post, very simple yet creative haha. thanks.

  2. ahmina56 says:

    lol love your writing style

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