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NYE 2013 – Happy New Year from Herbie

Happy New Year 2013!

A quick happy new year’s message to my readers and fans! Hope 2013 is ‘the one’ for you all!

Portfolio Update: Ten Logos

Additional logos added to the online portfolio with work from the recent few months. Each logo has had thought, consideration and serious re-edits to win approval of the client, so each and every one is a marvel in itself. See the other areas of the portfolio to see these logos applied elsewhere.such as signage and print.

Graphic Design: My Top Ten Ways of Avoiding ‘Designer’s Block’


All graphic designers, and any other creative professional for that matter, suffer from ‘designer’s block’, that state of mind which temporarily halts you from generating new ideas, concepts and designs. Here’s my favourite ways of tackling this little ‘boo-boo’, as I like to call it.

Business Cards: My New 2012 Card Design

Herbie's new business cards

My new business cards just arrived this morning so I thought it was a good opportunity to show them off and inform you how you can get yours.

Canvas Art: Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

This details a painting I completed of Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, or ‘Sheikh Hisham’ as he is also known. Using acrylics on canvas board, the portrait depicted a ‘life-like yet abstract’ concept I had for the project.

Fonts: Recent Discovery of the Horrific Use of Comic Sans in my Locality

Comic Sans

The ever-slated Comic Sans is a font which needs no introduction when it comes to over-use, uselessness and general hatred and annoyance amongst the graphic-design community. In fact, I included it in a blog-post called ‘My Top Six Fonts I am Sick to Death of and Will be Deleting – NOW!’ which I published in May last year (you can view that post here. This font caught me off-guard recently when I discovered it’s horrific use on a recent appointment to see my dentist…

Bespoke Framed Posters – Something For ‘The Lab’

Cyan Poster

I came across a bunch of aluminium A2 poster frames from a friend’s recent clearout at a call-centre. They were in good nick and instantly I visulaised a concept for them. I rescued these frames and set about creating a bespoke set of frames to adorn a ‘hallway’ in my office.

Digital Posters – Design and Print

Muscle Factory Poster

A good poster needs to stand out from the crowd as well as promoting your product or service. From A4 to A0, digitally printed posters are better for short-run prints and are more economical on your pocket, as opposed to lithographic.!) Here’s the full lowdown on my digital poster graphic design and print service.

Design and Print: How To ‘Christmasize’ a Takeaway Menu

Al-Taj Christmas Menu - Front and Back

This is a post about how I updated the design of a takeaway menu from it’s normal concept, to it’s Christmas version – complete with ribbons and bobbles(!)

Portfolio Update: December 2010

Spice Of Asia Menu

This is a summary-post of what I have been up to work-wise this past month or so. It’s always varied and there’s been some interesting people and projects. View my portfolio to see all the new updates.