Events – Weapons of Mass Creation Festival, August 2013

Just recently I was sat at my desk feeling quite sorry for myself after a particularly busy week of work. Scrolling down my Facebook news-feed made it even worse with people’s uploaded photos of them on their holidays. Turkey. Dubai. Stockport(!) It made me want to escape for a few days and got my mind racing through the usual short-trips to Europe or a couple of weeks further, Asia or Africa, even.

The next day an e-mail dropped into my inbox from one of the organisers of an event called ‘Weapons of Mass Creation Festival’, inviting me both as a fan and fellow-creative. Lasting over the weekend starting Friday, August 16th, the two-day gathering is in it’s fourth year running. It’s a grassroots movement initiated in 2010 by Go Media designer Jeff Finley. This year it’s being held at Cleveland Public Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio (USA) with a whole line-up of speakers and bands.

This ‘mini-festival’ promises to be a hive of inspiration with all attendees passionate about art, design, music and creativity as a whole. Designers, illustrators, painters, musicians, poets, entrepreneurs, you name-it, they’ll be there. It seems like a ‘work away from work’ experience where I can network and further probe and ponder my creativity without having the pressure of deadlines and workloads.

Jaw-dropping art and design shows will highlight both local and regional talent including album art, t-shirt design, typography, poster art, toy design, fashion design and illustration. Over 30 bands will hit WMC’s intimate stages, and attendees will also be treated to break-dancing battles from bboys and bgirls from all around the country.

The overall aim of the gathering is to inspire and engage people to achieve success through their passion for design. It suits me fine because, as a blogger, sharing and exploring ideas and experiences is at the core of what drives us. If it inspires one kid to get of the streets and start creating, it’s served it’s purpose. Cliche, I know, but you get the drift.

Weapons of Mass Creation, 2013 - Cleveland, Ohio

WMC FEST4, August 2013

Being from the UK, it seems slightly excessive to be stuck in an aluminium tube for 8 hours in order to attend a weekender, but the type of people and imaginations is what entices me.

Live music, inspiring speeches, colourful characters and a buzzing atmosphere with people on ‘your level’? Sounds like a plan (and a holiday!)..

If you’re attending, let me know!

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4 Responses to “Events – Weapons of Mass Creation Festival, August 2013”

  1. Heather Sakai says:

    Herbie, a million thanks for sharing! We wish you could join us! Will report back after the event to tell you about all of its success! From Cleveland, your new friend Heather

  2. Professor A.L.I. says:

    Herbie keeps putting in the work for the people… All love from the Bay… PEACE

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