Web Design in Nelson

It’s simple, if you’ve not got a presence on the internet in today’s world, then it’s about time you pulled up your stinking socks and did. Give your head a wobble and wake up to the news, fool. More exposure, promotion, customers and sales is what you’re missing out on. You call yourself a business person? Don’t make me laugh.

Social networking, video streaming and media downloads have resulted in the highest ever number of internet users, and it’s STILL growing. Your business needs a piece of this pie! Anyways, without a web address in today’s business world, you look like a bit of a pleb, don’t u think?

But Herbs, do you do all this yourself?

I told you before, I’m multi-talented and multi-skilled. Which part of ‘multi-talented and multi-skilled’ do you not understand? I am a seasoned web designer and use all the latest technologies like CSS, XHTML and graphic manipulation to create a ‘kicking your ass’ web design for you. This site is all my own work, so you’re already viewing my web design skills. Wake up, fool!


For all you new business peeps, or for those who only need an information website, let me be your super-talented web designer. A simple fast-loading website can kick-start your internet exposure. Or, if you already have a website, but it looks shit and you think your previous web designer ripped you off, give me a call so I can improve it! This could be the break your business needs.


So you want to write for the web, or you want to showcase your talents? You have so much to share with the world but you don’t know jack about web design? Put your hanky away, let me get your blog set up and looking the business, so you can concentrate on what you’re good at. A CMS system gives YOU the control to add, delete and update however and as often as you like.


Selling your goods and services online is a no-brainer, it’s a sales channel that can be fully automated. Showcasing your goods, billing your clients, order processing and secure payment processing are all features a great e-commerce site should have. That, coupled with a creative design is a sure-fire way of increasing your sales. So what are you waiting for, doofus?

Bespoke Web Solutions

If you don’t see what you need, get in touch so we can discuss your requirements. Custom projects and custom designs is what I thrive on. So come on, throw it at me…!Get in touch today and after a short brief, I can advise you on the best solution for your requirements:D

Turnaround and Delivery

How long is a piece of string? It’s quite difficult to provide a definitive completion date because of the web design process and your requirements. However, for basic static brochure websites, approximately two weeks from design confirmation is suffice. For more advanced programming such as CMS and e-commerce, it can take longer.
Bespoke Web Solutions