Memes – Water and the World’s Population

As a designer and blogger (or ‘online content creator’ for the technical term), originality is everything. Graphic design and art are skills where you have to constantly create and implement new ideas and concepts. Also, writing posts on a blog pushes you to be original, interesting, helpful and defines you as an authority where people depend on your work, thoughts and opinions.

These traits have a sneaky way of affecting the rest of your life, too. You ‘just can’t help it’. I have an inner demon always urging me to re-invent, innovate and be different.

This leads me onto my personal Facebook profile, where my statuses mostly consist of original wordings and statements I think of. Sometimes, I add a little play on words, sometimes I rhyme and ‘spit bars’ but the general situation is that unless I have tagged the original author, all statuses are my own.

That’s why just about half an hour ago, I published a status that highlights the quality of water between developed countries and poorer nations in Africa and Asia etc. Excuse the profanity (y’all should know me by now!), but the status went like this:

today’s world: where half the population is drinking dirty water, and the other half is shitting in clean water

This then spurred me on to take 10 minutes out of my artwork schedule and create a quick meme to highlight the message more graphically and enable easier sharing. I’m not one to design memes, but I kinda enjoyed this one, hence this blog post.

Living in the first-world, we DO take things such as water for granted. However, as intelligent beings with the resources available to us to communicate with the world, I felt it was a duty to create this one.

Please share it wherever you can.

Water is life...

Water is life…

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Peace, love and wi-fi!

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10 Responses to “Memes – Water and the World’s Population”

  1. Hence, we should cherish whatever we have, and help others whenever we can. We are the world.

  2. Arianna says:

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  3. dezayo says:

    nowadays there are lots of things we have to fix… it oppressed(((
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  4. The failure to use dirty water for our toilets i shocking. We should be able to fix it.

  5. Kamran Riaz says:

    We are the 1%…Our luxuries force us into a sense of entitlement that belittles the reality of life for so many.

    I’ll site here and complain about anything and everything from an over cooked dinner to a weak wi-fi signal whereas many just accept their reality and struggle onwards.

    If only REALITY TV was less Entertainment and MORE REALITY, maybe we could understand how lucky we really are.

    • i feel it’s very easy for us to adopt this warped sense of reality when we don’t face such struggles on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget, be ignorant and take everything for granted, sometimes i feel totally useless as a human being :(

  6. Sincere Intentions says:

    Today’s world should be ashamed! People should just poop in their gardens and help cultivate flowers and greenery! A well written and relevant post :)

    • the unfortunate truth regrettably, statements like ‘they got money for war, but cant feed the poor’ may be cliche but are too relevant in today’s society. good point about soil fertilization lol. much love!

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