Design and Printing in Nelson, Burnley and Manchester

CMYK Design and Print

Digital or Litho?

Smaller runs up to one thousand business cards, leaflets and stationary are digitally printed. This is like a huge colour laser printer and is ideal for short-run prints. However, the quality is still second-place to lithographic printing.

Lithographic printing is the industry standard and surpasses digital printing in every way including quality, variety, cost and turnaround. It involves the creation of a printing plate which is inserted into a huge press, which uses CMYK inks to print your design. Glossy paper can be used too, so your options are broader. It’s ALWAYS cheaper as the quantity required increases. View the prices below, they’re ‘shit-hot’!

Sizes and Thickness (GSM)

Wondering how much bigger A5 is than A4? Don’t worry, my creative version of a printing paper-size chart can be viewed and downloaded here. No, it’s got nothing to do with mobile phones, fool. The thickness of a sheet of paper is indicated by it’s weight, usually measured in grams per square metre (gsm). The lower the gsm, the thinner the paper. 170gsm, for example is a thin paper usually used for flyers and leaflets. 350gsm, on the other hand, is more heavier and ‘card-like’. It’s thick and is ideal for quality business cards. Prices for printing vary depending on thickness required.


For all your commercial and corporate printing, I’m your ‘man with a tan who can’. All design and artwork includes unlimited edits and instant communication, until your lucky ass is satisfied. Only then does the job go to print and delivery.


From design to print to delivery:
Step by step...


Depending on how long it takes your fussy-ass to be satisfied with the design, expect delivery within 7 to 10 working days. Larger print runs can take slightly longer.

Print Formats

FULL COLOUR DIGITAL – for small runs of business cards and flyers
FULL COLOUR LITHO CMYK – for larger runs of menus, flyers, brochures etc
FULL COLOUR VINYL – for large scale graphics and signs
FULL COLOUR CANVAS – for banners

Price and Payment

You love your money, right? You sleep with it and hate spending it? Don’t worry you cheapskate motherhuffer, my prices are reasonable and I’m not in the business of ripping folk off. All jobs require a 25% deposit upon agreement. The remaining 75% upon completion and delivery.