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New Product: Personalised Aluminium and Gloss Vinyl Name Placque

Personalised Name Placque

Over the years, I’ve managed to accumulate a vast array of my own original creations. This is the first one of many which I will be offering for sale, the full story and inspiration behind this one is in the eBay listing. 1. Personalised Aluminium and Cut Gloss Vinyl Contour-Cut Name Placque – design by […]

Digital and Litho Printing – My Version Of A Paper Size Chart

'Printing Paper Sizes' - bespoke design by Herbie Hysteria

A handy paper size chart is important when offering a design and print service. I decided to take a ‘lil time-out from the madness by creating my own paper and poster size chart – to-scale, of course! You can download my handywork free and use it as a reference.