'Printing Paper Sizes' - bespoke design by Herbie Hysteria

POST UPDATE: 22 March, 2014
This design is now available to buy in my online shop.

Hello guys, been away busy doing other things but not had the chance to post for a while. I’ve just updated my design and print prices, check ’em out here. You’ll find all details from A5 leaflets to posters. I also thought this would be a great opportunity to reveal to you a little masterpiece I created, which you can use as a purposeful reference tool!

Having a handy paper-size chart is..err..’handy’ when you offer a design and print service. It’s a good reference tool and you can quickly answer your client’s questions about size and dimensions by glancing at it. From the standard 55mm x 88mm business card size, to the largest A0 sized poster, all the widths and heights vary and are also proportionate to each other (eg. A4 is twice the size of A5 and so on).

I would normally ‘make do’ with a standard size chart sourced online or from one of my suppliers. However, one lazy weekend, I ‘accidentally’ went into ‘design-mode’ whilst sitting at my PC and ended up creating my own version of a printing paper size-chart. That weekend’s social activities kinda incorporated themselves into the design..

I had visited a friend the day before, who had just purchased a two-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy – excitable little animal that it was. He had also been having trouble with his laptop and was clearly at the end of his tether with it, which had stopped charging from it’s DC charger plug. So, I kinda used these two ‘highlights of the weekend’ as inspirations for my paper size-chart design.


The design had to be ‘to-scale’ so all the paper sizes and elements are correctly sized against each-other.

'Printing Paper Sizes' - bespoke design by Herbie Hysteria

Bespoke design by Herbie Hysteria, available to buy as a laminated print.


4 thoughts on “Digital and Litho Printing – My Version Of A Paper Size Chart

  1. Beneficial info and excellent design you got here! I want to thank you for sharing your ideas and putting the time into the stuff you publish! Great work!

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  3. Hey peeps, dont forget to check out my updated ‘design and print’ price-list, i’m sure you’ll love the prices. Printing, artwork, VAT and delivery is included so you get the best deal! Check ’em out here.

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