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Project Management – Ultimate Strength and Fitness, Nelson

This post summarises a recent project from late 2011 for a brand new large capacity gym and fitness centre. From design, build, print and signage, the post highlights the work involved within the project.

Business Cards: My New 2012 Card Design

Herbie's new business cards

My new business cards just arrived this morning so I thought it was a good opportunity to show them off and inform you how you can get yours.

Digital Posters – Design and Print

Muscle Factory Poster

A good poster needs to stand out from the crowd as well as promoting your product or service. From A4 to A0, digitally printed posters are better for short-run prints and are more economical on your pocket, as opposed to lithographic.!) Here’s the full lowdown on my digital poster graphic design and print service.

Design and Print: How To ‘Christmasize’ a Takeaway Menu

Al-Taj Christmas Menu - Front and Back

This is a post about how I updated the design of a takeaway menu from it’s normal concept, to it’s Christmas version – complete with ribbons and bobbles(!)

Large Format Printing – The CMYK Black Problem


I recently printed a large PVC banner for a customer. The design and branding consisted of a flat black background, which didn’t print correctly because of a conflict between how different colour models, such as CMYK, RGB and HSV are interpreted. This is a post about the problem and my solution to get the correct CMYK black colour specification.

Digital and Litho Printing – My Version Of A Paper Size Chart

'Printing Paper Sizes' - bespoke design by Herbie Hysteria

A handy paper size chart is important when offering a design and print service. I decided to take a ‘lil time-out from the madness by creating my own paper and poster size chart – to-scale, of course! You can download my handywork free and use it as a reference.