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WordPress and Contact Form 7: Blank Emails from WordPress Blog


Just recently, I started getting some blank emails coming from my blog. Everything including the subject and email content was blank. The emails just said ‘From: Wordpress’, ‘To: You’ and that’s it. I bit of further investigation captured the culprit..

Desktop PCs: How To Change The Power Supply On a Dead PC

PC Power Supply

Just recently, my main PC, the centre of my set-up, decided to die. I came in one morning, pressed the power switch, and nothing, nada, zilch. No lights, no noises absolutely not a smidgen of life. Had this reliable work-horse of a PC FINALLY had it after five excellent years of service?

Dell 3100CN – How I Fixed The Colour Streaking Problem

A streaking problem on my Dell 3100CN laser printer didn’t turn out to be a faulty drum unit, I discovered a simpler (and cheaper) solution than replacing it.