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Web Design – New Home Page Design for 2012

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Here’s a quick and painless way of adding a javascript slideshow to your blog, without being a javascript expert.

Google Adsense – Losing My Google Virginity, My First EVER Adsense Cheque

Me, my blog and my cheque...

I recently received my first EVER cheque from Google Adsense. I started blogging in 2009 and added Adsense to my site in mid-2010. It’s certainly a milestone for any avid blogger so let’s have a party, paid for by my jaw-dropping first-cheque from Google. All £61.94 of it…

WordPress and Contact Form 7: Blank Emails from WordPress Blog


Just recently, I started getting some blank emails coming from my blog. Everything including the subject and email content was blank. The emails just said ‘From: Wordpress’, ‘To: You’ and that’s it. I bit of further investigation captured the culprit..