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Home IconHey, peeps. I promised y’all this year was gonna be a humdinger and things are about to pop off bigger than you expected, so here goes. My static homepage was getting a bit boring after being the same for nearly eighteen months, so I thought I’d slick it up a little using a dynamic javascript slideshow.

I wanted a rotating slideshow like you see around the net these days instead of the old static grid of images which clicked through to the various pages of my ‘Services’ section. I’m not an expert in javascript, and didn’t dare attempt it anyway, so I found the next-best-thing to hard-coding the function – a plugin!

It’s a nifty little plugin called WP Cycle which allows you to upload various images (with editable dimensions so you can fit them perfectly in your layout) and arrange them into a slideshow to be placed on any post or page.

Seriously, it’s too simple to use. I simply created all the various jpegs (which took me weeks in itself) to the exact dimensions to the layout space they were to fit, and then just exported them as 96dpi jpegs. These are then uploaded via the plugin’s ‘Settings’ menu and assigned a hyperlink, if need be. There’s various transition effects you can use between the images and, overall, it’s as simple as picking your nose(!) Each image is also clickable.

The results are great, check it all out on my new home-page. Let me know what you think. Loads to come this year, stay tuned!

Hysterically Yours

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4 Responses to “Web Design – New Home Page Design for 2012”

  1. John says:

    Herbie, thank you for the tip on the WP Cycle image plugin. I’ve found this very helpful over the years to clean-up my images and help make the overall website more visually appealing.

  2. Ajaz Qureshi says:

    Brilliant Herbz…. I'm liking the small changes; accessing and exploring the blog is much more simple and direct. Keep up the good work of beautify-ing our world :)

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