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Web Design – New Home Page Design for 2012

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Here’s a quick and painless way of adding a javascript slideshow to your blog, without being a javascript expert.

Google Adsense – Losing My Google Virginity, My First EVER Adsense Cheque

Me, my blog and my cheque...

I recently received my first EVER cheque from Google Adsense. I started blogging in 2009 and added Adsense to my site in mid-2010. It’s certainly a milestone for any avid blogger so let’s have a party, paid for by my jaw-dropping first-cheque from Google. All £61.94 of it…

WordPress and Contact Form 7: Blank Emails from WordPress Blog


Just recently, I started getting some blank emails coming from my blog. Everything including the subject and email content was blank. The emails just said ‘From: Wordpress’, ‘To: You’ and that’s it. I bit of further investigation captured the culprit..

Web Design and SEO: Grade Your Website or Blog


A great tool to instantly get a helpful SEO review of your website or blog. How popular is your website or blog? Is it getting traffic? Such answers are provided free of charge, and it then grades your website from 1-100. I found it quite useful.