‘PPC is temporary, SEO is forever’ it says in one of their ads. I agree, and stumbled across this useful tool, whilst updating this blog, that actually gives you worthwhile information about your website or blog, (free of charge!) and then grades it compared to all the other websites and blogs it has reviewed.

Also, SEO can be rather expensive if it’s outsourced, for the ‘average-Joe-dude’, so doing it yourself can pay big dividends if you’re not a complete moron by way of intelligence(!) Web-based software can allow you to have control of your SEO like you do, say, your hosting account.

There’s also a paid-for version of it’s service that gives you a ‘live-panel’ including tools for search engine optimization, business blogging, website content publishing, lead tracking and intelligence, marketing analytics, and competitor analysis. However, for the majority of us, the free report available can be enough to point out to us things/bugs/errors we may have missed otherwise.

Compare it to your usual Google Analytics or subscription-based traffic data. It also points out useful tid-bits like any alt-text you may have missed from your images or even some meta-data.

Check out Website Grader and Blog Grader.

Let me know if you found it useful!

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