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Portfolio Update: Ten Logos

Additional logos added to the online portfolio with work from the recent few months. Each logo has had thought, consideration and serious re-edits to win approval of the client, so each and every one is a marvel in itself. See the other areas of the portfolio to see these logos applied elsewhere.such as signage and print.

Signs and Vinyls: Spruce Up Your Mirrors With Cut Vinyl

Vinyls on Mirror

This post shows a basic technique of using cut vinyl to brand mirrors and glass of all sizes and shapes.

Portfolio Update: July 2011 – Vehicle Graphics

Astra Van

A recent portfolio update consisting of two vans, a small Vauxhall / Opel Astra Van and a bigger LWD Merc Sprinter. Graphics designed and applied with strict budgets in mind. The initial cost can be minimal compared to the potential business acquired through marketing on vehicles.