Astra Van

I completed a couple of vehicles just before summer of this year. You may have already seen the Nelson Carpets and Kitchens logo because I designed it last year for some printed material. This same theme and logo was applied to a new(ish) Sprinter van. Digitally-printed vinyl was used on the panel areas of the van to make it blend in to the overall shapes and lines of the body. Colourful high-res images were good for attracting the eye.

LWB Sprinter Van

'Longer than a conger'

It’s kinda wierd, both clients who’s vehicles are shown are named after my home-town, Nelson aka Pendle. Spooky. (Call them who buss’ ghosts!) Aaaanyway…

Pendle Property Maintenance wanted a fresh new look before applying it to their smaller Astra van. I used an outline of ‘Pendle Hill’ (which is a well-known hill and also region in my area) to relate it directly. The notorious slope can be easily identified as the hill and I used straight lines and lettering in the other parts of the logo to differentiate between the hill and the text.

Astra Van

small and pretty(!)

Simply, the logo went on both doors, bonnet (reversed) and back. The main panel area of the van was used to arrange text of different sizes to depict the various services offered. It took some arranging considering the limited area and text count, but I thought it was better than a boring bullet-pointed list. Simple, clean and creative. Just how we like it, yah?

Click here to view the complete portfolio. More to come soon.

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