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Before CAD and vector-based design, vehicle graphics consisted of paint and/or commercially available cut letters in basic fonts and sizes. Now however, the quality and creativity can extend from the most basic design to a full custom vehicle wrap. A couple of locals got their ‘toes wet’ recently…

I’ve just added a couple of recent designs I did on the back screens of cars. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a full vehicle installation, or even if it’s your personal vehicle and you want a more subtle approach, then this may be the solution for you. If not done correctly, it can look naff and silly, but of course, there’s different ways to eat a sandwich(!)

Entirely covering the back screen with digitally-printed vinyl is illegal because it can obstruct your view and cause a hazard to other road users. So, the way to go is to use flat-coloured vinyl which will allow you to have gaps between your letters and shapes. Keeping it simple and clean is important as it will generally be seen on the road. The advertising potential is great and it’s free! Like Blue Peter stylee, ‘Here’s a couple I did earlier’:

Back Screens

Back screens = free advertising!

Back Screens

K.I.S.S. - 'Keep It Simple, Stupid'

This would be the ‘no-frills’ approach to vehicle graphics. The other end of the scale is a full custom wrap covering every inch of your vehicle’s panels, but everybody has their own individual tastes and budgets. Stay tuned for more vehicle graphics I have done including a full LWB Mercedes Sprinter van, which was daunting at first but we got there in the end.

Click here to view the complete portfolio. I’m back in the habit now so will be posting again very soon.

Muchos graciaaaas!

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