Custom Embroidery


Yeah, yeah I know. I haven’t posted for nearly TWO whole months and the only excuse I can find is that age-old one ending in ‘..too busy’, but honestly, my workload has been intense and I’ve been busy being ‘TOO BUSY’ with it, but I’ve made adjustments now and it won’t happen again. Blogging aint easy, so I might as well do it properly after spending so much time creating and running this blog. Promise.

To all my RSS subscribers who unsubscribed because they weren’t being fed with their dosage of me more often, a heart-felt apology. Yeah, I noticed the numbers dwindle, but ya know, ‘Please come back!’. To everyone else who takes even the slightest interest in my stuff on this blog, Facebook and other online channels, thanks for the support, comrades! It seems everybody wants a piece of ‘the Hysterikal Kid’ at the moment, so I’m not complaining, because I shouldn’t, but..err.. I wish we didn’t have to sleep…(!)

Anyway, the up-side of all this is that I’ve been so busy being busy that I’ve got loads to show you. I’ve decided to start trickling out my recent work and not bombard you with it once in one whole lump sum. Think of it as a ‘drip’ rather than a ‘spill'(!)

Custom Clothing

I’ve just added six images to the Custom Clothing section of the portfolio, so we’re of to a good start. As y’all know, all the work is original and and comes guaranteed with the ‘Wow’ factor.

Custom Clothing

Cafe Express, Nelson - custom polos


Embroidery is the most expensive type of garment application but, boy, the results are worth it. In February, I designed and embroidered this satin kickboxing robe for UK and European champion Hassan Ali, who’s ‘lion’ logo I designed in mid-2010.

Custom Embroidery

Hassan Ali 'The Lion' - custom embroidery

Click here to view the complete portfolio. I’m back now so will be posting again very soon! Peace.

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