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Video: How To Clean Windows Better Than Your Window Cleaner

How To Clean Glass and Windows

This is a spontaneous on-the-job video recorded sharing a trade secret of mine on the best way to easily clean any window or glass surface.

Cut Window Vinyls – Microtech Stationers, Nelson

A new design concept using varying text sizes on words arranged into a cluster format. I have used the concept before with cut vinyl material but wanted to showcase this as larger window graphics installation with better detailing.

Project Management – Resolve Solicitiors, Brierfield

This post summarises a recent project for a solicitor’s firm. From design, build, print and signage, the post highlights some key moments and pictures after completion.

Portfolio Update: July 2011 – Vehicle Graphics

Astra Van

A recent portfolio update consisting of two vans, a small Vauxhall / Opel Astra Van and a bigger LWD Merc Sprinter. Graphics designed and applied with strict budgets in mind. The initial cost can be minimal compared to the potential business acquired through marketing on vehicles.

Vehicle Graphics – Back Screens are Back!

Back Screens

This post shows a couple of recent back screens on vehicles I designed and applied. This would be the ‘no-frills’ approach but it can be very effective if done correctly.

Woman Gets Knocked Out By Falling Nightclub Sign

Woman injured by falling sign

A woman was injured when a Nightclub’s fancy exterior signage failed and crashed to the pavement beneath.

Case Study: Victor’s Liquors, Manchester, Lancashire

Victor's Liquors, Sale Road, Manchester

Victor’s Liquors is a new off license and liquor store in Sale, Manchester. In the summer of 2009, I was approached by the owner to manage the whole project and get the store ready for it’s opening in August, 2009.