A sleek and corporate look for a solicitor’s firm is always a winner. However, the first deliverable being the actual logo and branding, instantly on the first meeting with this client, I made a mental note of maybe turning the ‘v’ in the word ‘Resolve’ into a tick, to depict completion/closure…heck..to ‘resolve’ something. After graphically tweaking it, the concept turned into a reality quite quickly.

Also, may i add, with this firm being ‘smack-bang’ in my ‘hood and not further afield, it had to be ‘simply the best’ otherwise driving past it nearly every day would have been a daily shameful punishment for me ;)

The branding consultation went well and green was the theme for the brand. This was then applied to all print, signage, web and offline areas. The printed window graphics were printed using UV ink so should be great for years with no fading. I sometimes feel designers try to ‘over-design’, if that is a word, but with this project it was great to get the simple look right but also creative. The cut graphics were simply layers of cast vinyl.

The ‘tick’ has now become a ‘pseudo-trademark’ for the company and adorns a transparent presence on most of their media, a sleek touch, if I may say so myself.

Seeing the lightbox light up with the completed front panels was an ‘Aaaaaah’ moment, in itself.

Anyways, I’ve added some pictures below of the project. Till the next time, comrades!
[nggallery id=29]

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