Portfolio Update: Proper Posters

There’s naff posters everywhere. You know the ones, where ‘odd-job John’ has knocked up a half-hearted effort on Microsoft Word using Comic Sans and Times New Roman with a gazillion colours and pixelated clip-art images which have been severely stretched and de-formed before randomly being placed anywhere on the document? Then expecting even a mediocre response to their ‘poster campaign’ is madness, surely?

Don’t worry, my peeps get a slightly better service. Here’s a few fresh samples from the previous few months which I just added to the online portfolio gallery.

For shorter runs, digital posters are available on 190gsm paper, a thicker stock than average. This gives the inks better colour vividness as the it penetrates more. They’re available in all sizes from A4 to A0 and can also be laminated. For larger runs over 100, litho-print is the way to go. See Design and Print under the ‘Services’ section.

More bigger, badder stuff to come up in the portfolio updates, stay tuned!

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