Vinyls on Mirror

An easy and cheap way of branding mirrors or glass is to use cut vinyl. You can use flat-coloured vinyl or digitally printed and cut vinyl. Depending on which you go for, the equipment you will need differs from a basic vinyl cutter to a more advanced machine which prints your design and then cuts around it’s outline. The results can be amazing and, if done correctly, look professionally positioned and installed.

Below are a couple of examples I have added to my portfolio. The first is a free standing mirror purchased separately by a client from a department store. Their logo, which I designed last year, isn’t the most ideal type for vinyl cutting simply because of the lettering’s intricacy (weeding this type of cut can really test your patience!). However, the intricacy really comes out when the job is done, so it’s worth it!

The second mirror was twice the size and was already installed on a barber shop’s wall. The logo and lettering for this one was a lot less detailed and simply consisted of a red font with a white contour around it. Remember, each colour is a separate layer of vinyl and it’s best to keep a maximum of three layers only, for clarity’s sake. Also, where you have any over-lapping layers, edges underneath can still be partially visible and can play havoc with your design if not kept to a minimum.

Vinyls on Mirror

VERY intricate logo, weed this at your peril!

Vinyls on Mirror

A more simpler logo..(yes, that's me taking the shot!)

The ‘Imran Khan Hairdressing’ job was a complete revamp of an old and tired barber shop in the hood, watch out for the full lowdown soon in the portfolio. The Beautiful Truth, as you all probably know, is one of my longer term clients for whom I have done a lot of wierd and wonderful work for.

Anyways, it’s ramadhan and my routine is playing havoc with my bowels. More to come soon.

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