Just a quickie, for all those of us who haven’t yet purchased / seen / tried / tested / stolen an Apple iPad. So, Apple sold 300,000 iPads on the first day of release. Not bad for a day’s work, Steve! Die-hard Apple fans would probably have had multiple orgasms when they opened their boxes, the device promises to change the way we think about PCs and computers in general. Without a keyboard or mouse, it comes with less ‘clutter’ than a conventional PC.

The ‘climax’ (forgive the pun) to the launch of the device obviously proved successful with that many shifted on the first day. Not doubting it’s technological capabilities, don’t you think it just looks like a bigger iPhone? Kinda like someone has loaded an image into PhotoShop and dragged the corners to increase the size. Or maybe it looks like the iPhone’s mother, giving birth to little copies of itself.

I’ve not tested the iPad yet, but I came across a great substitute for those of us who are wondering what their websites or blogs would look like on it. It was thanks to John Chow I discovered this little treat. It’s basically a webpage created to resemble the new iPad, in which you can enter any web address and it loads up within the iPad screen area, showing you how your webpage would be rendered on it. Pretty cool, if you ask me! The user base for the iPad is gonna grow quick, so I think web developers will be particularly interested to see how their site or blog is rendered. Here’s a screenshot of what ArtbyHerbie.com looks like on the site:

ArtbyHerbie.com on the iPad

I think it’s a handy tool. For example, if you can see the right side ‘Twitter-Follow Me’ button, it overlaps the Herbie Hysteria logo. It doesn’t do this in FireFox or Chrome, but it would in Internet Explorer. I think it’s about time I changed that image to a more narrower one, so it doesn’t overlap. After all, these iPads ARE selling like hot-cakes! There, the site has already helped me! You can try yours at ipadpeek.com.

Your Comments and Feedback

Are you one of the lucky ones to own an iPad, right now? What do you think of the Safari browser and it’s surfing abilities? Apparently, the iPad has had some wireless connection issues. Has this affected you? I’d love all your feedback and responses to this post. If you’re from Nelson, Burnley, Colne or the surrounding areas, or even if you’re half way across the world, your comments are much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “View Your Website or Blog on the Apple iPad, Without an Apple iPad(!)

  1. In case you didn’t know, the ipadpeek.com tool doesn’t show how the website will really be rendered, it just shows an iframe which has the same dimensions as the ipad. The browser in the ipad, which is based on safari, will render webpages slightly differently to how you see them on a normal PC browser

    1. yes you’re right, i’m sure it’s more for aesthetics and the ‘novelty’ factor and the rendering will be different on the actual ipad machine itself, but i think it’s a ‘close-enough’ option for those, and the majority, who havent yet had an ipad in our hands :)

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