Hitler's Handywork

Should’ve stuck to Art, Adolf(!)

After stumbling across an online article today, it came as a surprise that, apparently, Adolf Hitler was a ‘bit of an artist’ in his teens. The claims come as a collection of drawings and sketches believed to be the handy-work of the mad-man himself, are up for auction. They were the submitted pieces that would have allowed Hitler to gain entry in the prestigious Vienna Academy of Art, which unfortunately for the rest of the world, he didn’t.

Apparantly, he wasn’t really good enough and his work was only sub-standard which meant he was rejected of a place in the Academy, twice! Maybe it was this rejection that moulded him into the tyrant he became? Some say it was a Jewish professor who told him to ‘sling his hook’, which planted the seeds for Hitler’s anti-semitism.

He moved to Austria in 1905, to ‘seek his fortune’ as we have heard being mentioned in many cartoons and fiction stories. Most of the pieces are dated 1908, which would’ve made young Adolf 19 years old and it was in 1908 that the young aspiring artist was rejected from the Academy, not even being allowed to sit the entry exams.

A Sample from the Twelve Drawings

Hitler's Handywork

Hitler's Handywork - A 'Modern' Soldier

Hitler's Handywork

Hitler's Handywork - 'Old Woman'

Hitler's Handywork

Hitler's Handywork - Candlestick Holder

Hitler's Handywork

Hitler's Handywork - Vase (or is it a bed-pan?)

It makes you think. If young Adolf had spent more time on his drawing skills and put in more effort in his Art career, then World War II may not have even happened. He may still be alive today, amongst a few million civilians and soldiers. He may have been a decorated artist and the name ‘Adolf Hitler’ might have been included within the same breath as Picasso, Van Gogh and maybe even Andy Warhol. Unfortunately, he was shit at art so decided to try and take over the world through death and destruction. You fucked up, Adolf!

Another spoof like The ‘Hitler Diaries’?

In 1983, a West German news magazine called ‘Stern’ released excerpts from what they claimed were Hitler’s own diaries, hand-written of course. They claimed they paid a whole cart-load of cash for them and they were recovered from a plane-crash near Dresden, Germany, in 1945. Forensic analysis in the USA and Europe confirmed these were genuine.

However, only two weeks after, it was revealed that they were infact, forgeries. The guys that created the fakes were rounded up, thrown in prison and the reputation of ‘Stern’ never recovered, and that was that.

Going, going, gone!

So, are these new drawings and sketches also an elaborate fake? Well, apparently not. The amateurish ability, the dates adorning the pieces and also the chronological details of Hitler’s whereabouts at the time all seem correct. The vendor who is selling the archive is someone who has had them for quite a while, he claims. The sale, at Mullock’s Auction House in Ludlow, Shropshire, UK is taking place on April 16, 2010. They are apparently hoping to fetch about £6,000 EACH. Not bad for an amateur artist who just so-happened to kill a few million innocent civilians in his life-time.

Your Comments and Feedback

What are your views on Hitler and the Nazi regime? What do you think of his ability as a young artist? I’d love all your feedback and responses to this post. If you’re from Nelson, Burnley, Colne or the surrounding areas, or even if you’re half way across the world, your comments are much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Was Adolf Hitler an Aspiring Artist Before He Became a War-mongering Dictator?

  1. lol shahid thanks still long way to go but every day is a productive one, ian they’re hoping his painting and sketches go for about £6K EACH!

  2. yes, i heard he got rejected from the academy twice too, cant wait to see how much these pieces get auctioned for. Now all is clear, many thanks for the info! ian

    1. His paintings, sketches and memoirs still fetch big money at auctions these days. Just imagine the world today if he had become a famous painter instead of the leader of Germany.

  3. A very visually aesthetic website with some fantastic insight into a variety of art.

    Fantastic to see a dedicated local artist striving out against commercialism.

    Keep up the good work!


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