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Peace upon you all.

This isn’t a History lesson, or a religious rant. However, I can give you some recent news about Israel’s illegal military operations in Gaza, Palestine. Wait, I don’t even need to give you that, you’re all wired and ‘netted up too. For those of us who are clueless, Israel is in the midst of another ‘tantrum’, which usually means dead Palestinian civilians, indiscriminate bombing with a sprinkle of fabricated propoganda. All my life since I can remember, it’s been like this.

Truth is, after seeing my social news feeds blow up recently of dead Palestinian babies and wailing mothers, I noticed this current situation was worse than ever. All it took was a couple of brothers from the hood to step up and initiate a movement, and the ball was rolling. We felt useless not being able to do anything. Donating money is all well and good, but making a stand is much better. After a quick meet with some local heavies, ‘Pray4Gaza’ was adopted as a suitable name for the demo.

So, we’ve planned, with the grace of God, a peaceful protest against Israel’s actions in Gaza and the West Bank. In fact, Israel’s actions for the last sixty years. For those of you that know me and are from my locality, hope to see you there. For my international peoples and those further afield, just say a prayer for us. The demo shall be held opposite the public library in Nelson Town Centre, Nelson, Lancashire on Sunday, 25th November, 2012. Yes, we wanted to hold it on the Saturday, but the town centre’s Christmas lights switch-on ceremony is taking place so we felt it wasn’t fair for us to do it on the same day. So, Sunday it is.

Facebook Events

Please post on the page and select if you’re going and also invite your family and friends to do the same. Anti-Semitism will not be tolerated on the page and/or the demo itself. The Police and security staff will be well-briefed. Click here!

Official Flyer

Please share the image below, you can save it to your computer by right-clicking and selecting ‘Save image as..’

Pray4Gaza Protest Poster - Nelson, Lancashire

Pray4Gaza Protest Poster – Nelson, Lancashire

Support us to support them. Viva la Palestina!
See you there!

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