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Design and Print: How To ‘Christmasize’ a Takeaway Menu

Al-Taj Christmas Menu - Front and Back

This is a post about how I updated the design of a takeaway menu from it’s normal concept, to it’s Christmas version – complete with ribbons and bobbles(!)

Portfolio Update: December 2010

Spice Of Asia Menu

This is a summary-post of what I have been up to work-wise this past month or so. It’s always varied and there’s been some interesting people and projects. View my portfolio to see all the new updates.

Facebook Display Picture – Introducing ‘Bookface’


My version of the default Facebook display picture, why oh why didn’t it come to me earlier?

Large Format Printing – The CMYK Black Problem


I recently printed a large PVC banner for a customer. The design and branding consisted of a flat black background, which didn’t print correctly because of a conflict between how different colour models, such as CMYK, RGB and HSV are interpreted. This is a post about the problem and my solution to get the correct CMYK black colour specification.

Save Me From The ‘Messers’! – A Freelance Designer’s Plea For Help

Man Pulling Hair Out

I was always delaying publishing this post because I thought it may show me and my fellow graphic designers in a negative light, but after being bitten by the third ‘serious messer’ this month, I’m pushing ahead. You see, I’ve got some great clients with which I share amazing social/professional relationships. Getting shitloads of repeat-custom […]

My Top Six Fonts I Am Sick To Death Of, And Will Be Deleting – NOW!

Algerian Font

Six fonts I hate and am going to break-up with :(

Ten Highly Creative and Detailed Vector Artworks

The Power Of Colour

Here’s ten vector digital art pieces that will amaze you and get you thinking too!

The ‘Lost Coursework’

Old School Photo

I left school in 1998, after getting good grades for ‘Graphics Technology’ as it was called then. This is my actual submitted coursework module, which also included a practical module consisting of vehicles and packaging design. Not bad for a sixteen-year-old!