The Power Of Colour

I don’t claim to be the world’s best graphic design artist but my love for it can appreciate great design when I see it. Just recently, I was scouring through the photo albums of a popular art related group on Facebook. There were over 250 great pieces of vector art, from these I selected my favourites and the ones that made me stop and stare harder.

There’s some really talented and highly-skilled designers out there who can create some amazing visual spectacles. Using high-end graphics suites and editing techniques, some great results can be achieved. All works are credited to their respective artists.

1. Open Source

Open Source

'Open Source' by Jerico Santander & Jeff Huang

2. How To Name A Volcano

How To Name A Volcano

'How To Name A Volcano' by The Oatmeal

3. The Power Of Colour

The Power Of Colour

'The Power Of Colour' by E-Gart

4. Tangled Up In Silence

Tangled Up In Silence

'Tangled Up In Silence' by Anthony Giacomino

5. PhotoShop – As Real As It Gets

PhotoShop - As Real As It Gets

'As Real As It Gets' by Bates141, Jakarta

6. Net City

Net City

'Net City' by Totto Renna

7. Let Imagination Take Over

Let Imagination Take Over

Poster for 'Play-Doh' modeling clay - Design by Driv

8. Hate Sealed In A Cage Of Love

Hate Sealed In A Cage Of Love

'Hate Sealed In A Cage Of Love' by BlueGarden

9. Chocolate Sunday

Chocolate Sunday

Chocolate Sunday by Pawel Nolbert

10. HUGO Create Contest Round 10

HUGO Create Contest Round 10

'HUGO Create Contest Round 10' by Aleksandra Piotrowska

What’s Your Favourite?

Out of the ten above, which one is your favourite piece which made you stop and look? It could be for many reasons but please add a comment below to let me know.

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