Here’s a selection of comments from clients, both business and private. From a painted wall mural to a poster design, all my clients’ needs vary. It’s better than me writing a static ‘Testimonials’ page which looks ‘made up’. I like to keep things transparent, so that you can even communicate with and see what my clients have to offer too.

Note To Business Clients:

After your comment I allow you to post one link to your official business website, blog or Facebook page. If you don’t know how to create the link, just let me know and I will do it for you. :)

Back-links to reputable sites on the internet have many advantages for YOUR website because they can help increase your traffic, Google credibility and page rank. So, all my clients who leave a comment on this page get one from, you lucky people, you!

If you’d rather prefer to leave a recommendation on my Facebook page, please do so here.

11 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi my name is Na-Ann and I have just recently I have decided to start a blog and did not realize what all it consisted of to not only create the blog and attract the traffic but even to profit. I have read some of your post and you really help give tips to be successful in that area as well as others.

  2. thank you raf, here’s to a long a prosperous business relationship, much love and respect back to y’all xxxx

  3. From all staff and PAST parents we would like to say a HUGE Thank you. Totally love your work and hope to work with you again soon. A true investment!!
    Much love and respect
    Rafida Khaliq
    Parent Governor
    Chairperson of PAST
    ST Philips C of E Primary School

  4. Just want to say a big thank you to mr HYSTERIA for helping through this project.Amazing sign and photography i cant wait to work with you again top man love the way this has turned out x

    Nabila Anwar
    Bee’s Boutique

    1. thanks Bee, may your new venture go from strength to strength, loved working with you too – much love x

  5. Thanks for the killer logo and your professionalism! A job well done with the new logo HH. The new Netlister logo will certainly give me the identity and branding I was looking for. I look forward to sending more clients your way in the future!

    Moyasser Anwar

  6. thanks harry! there’s only room for one ‘pimped out’ hair salon in nelson, and I’m sure we already possess that accolade!

  7. Herbie is my one-stop-shop who I have relied on for all my printng, art, graphics, advertising etc etc the guy is a true master of his trades and every new piece of work he does for me is better than the last, my hairddressing business looks the part and my branding and colour-schemes are always as they should be, check out his portfolio to see all the work from posters to wall art he has done for me. well done Herbs!

    Haroon Yousaf
    Stylz Hairdressing

  8. thanks john, if all my clients were like you it’d be an easy life and you sure made it easy with your great hospitality, that week flew by! it was a pleasure making an already impressive house even slicker :D

  9. as a private client of herbie his work was astonishing not only has it totally changed the feel to my house the results were amazing, the space design blows everybodys mind when they see it and u always find yourself lookin at it, seems as though it changes everyday, and also the design around the signed ozzy guitar gives it a great lift from just being an object on a wall to something unique and one of a kind, if you are lookin for something unique and totally one of then this is your man to see

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