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Yeah, I thought I’d write a post about all the other infamous people called Herbie. Even though it’s been my nickname since school, I’ve still not yet met another ‘Herbie’ in real life. I really don’t know what it feels like to have a common name. Even my real name is so unique I’ve never met another one in my life. I mean, all you people out there with popular names like ‘John’, what does it feel like when you meet another ‘John’?? I’ve never really thought about it that much but I suppose you get used to it, in the end. Well you’d have to wouldn’t ya?

1. Herbie the VW Beetle

Herbie: The Love Bug

The 'Love Bug'

The title of this post says ‘..Infamous People..’ but the most infamous isn’t even a person! Herbie was the self-driving and self-conscious VW Beetle racing car starring in such adventures as ‘Herbie Rides Again’ (1974) and ‘Herbie Goes Bananas’ (1980). I think a reason why the films and character was so popular back in the ’70s and ’80s was because so many people owned VW Beetles back then ad they could relate (well, VW did manufacture a whole shitload of ’em).

Whilst I’m here, I must add the 2005 remake ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’ starring Lindsay Lohan was a disaster. The ‘magic’ of the old movies just wasn’t there anymore. They should have just left the franchise alone. It’s kinda like Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, it was pure overkill and the story should have ended with Terminator 2: Judgement Day – possibly still, in my opinion, the best sequel EVER made.

2. Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock

The 'Jazz Daddy'

Regarded as one of the all time greatest living jazz musicians, Herbie Hancock revolutionised the jazz music scene by blending it with other genres such as pop and funk. He is, in my opinion, the ‘Jazz Daddy’ and has been going strong since the ’60s. I appreciate original music myself, and the way Herbie ‘broke the rule book’ by giving access to jazz to a wider audience deserves respect. Anybody creating something new instead of following the masses gets my vote. ‘Creativity’ should be a religion(!)

Maybe I was born in the wrong decade, both the above ‘Herbies’ excelled and ‘kicked ass’ in the 70s and 80s (although Hancock is still performing to this day).

3. Herbie Hyde

Herbie Hyde

Herbie Hide 'kicks ass' again

Coming in at number three is Nigerian born British heavyweight boxer nicknamed ‘The Dancing Destroyer’. I’m not really a boxing fan but have always wondered why, just for the hell of it, they don’t make a skinny featherweight boxer go a few rounds with the ‘heavies’, such as Hide. Hmm, I wonder. Measuring 6′ 2″ and over 200lbs in weight, there’s bigger beasts out there, but that still didn’t stop Herbie winning the WBO World Heavyweight Championship twice in the ’90s (1994 and 1997). Well done, Herbs!

4. Herbie Frogg Menswear

Herbie Frogg

For the discerning gentleman

On Jermyn Street in London’s West End are not one, but two, Herbie Frogg tailored menswear shops. They say ‘Gentlemen Prefer Herbie Frogg’, so I doubt you’ll find your average ‘Burberry wearing chav-the-lad’ shopping there. You could think it was named after a person or founding father, but the name is just the name of the business. They offer sophisticated and tailored formal wear for men such as tailored suits and overcoats, and have been around since 1967. The kinda stuff you see stockbrokers and ‘big biz’ city bankers wearing. My old ‘wedding suit’ is getting a bit tatty now, maybe a visit is in order(!)

5. 3T feat Herbie – ‘Gotta Be You’ (1996)

3T - Gotta Be You

Herbie in the video

Who remembers 3T? Michael Jackson’s three nephews (albeit not as talented as the late King of Pop) who briefly did well in the charts in the late ’90s. Not really my cup of tea, but I gotta admit back then I did ‘dig’ one of their songs (I’m not gonna tell you which one, I do have a rep to maintain you know). Anyway, ‘Gotta Be You’ was an RnB joint that reached number 10 in the UK. It featured a verse and some uncontrollably ‘dodgy-sounding shouts’ from a rapper called Herbie. I think this was rapper Herbie’s ‘claim to fame’ because I’ve never heard of him since. Oh well, Herbs, carry on rappin'(!)

That’s it for now, I’ll keep on coming back here to add more Herbies worthy of being included in this post. Also, any Herbies reading this post, I would love to hear from ya!

Ciao for now,
Herbie Hysteria

Your Comments and Feedback

Do you know any other worthy ‘Herbies’ who you think should be added to this post? What do you think? I’d love all your feedback and responses to this list. Your comments are much appreciated.

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