Canvas Art

As an artist, applying paint to canvas is the basic form of expression. I have a very abstract and contemporary approach to my canvas art pieces. Canvas paintings are a true gateway to memories and personal associations. They can last for hundreds of years and can immortalise people, places and ideas. (Mona Lisa, anyone?)

I use art as a channel of personal expression and try to embrace it amidst the trials and tribulations of a busy life. Therefore, some canvas works are completed to be sold to collectors, enthusiasts and paying bidders. Details of upcoming collections shall be posted here soon.

Single Abstract Portraits

A painted portrait of a loved one, deceased one or even a pet can immortalize their memory. Getting the likeness and facial expression/features is important and more trickier from a 2D photo. My portrait style is life-like with abstract backgrounds. I tend to use many shades of a single vagrant colour to paint faces, rather than real skin and hair tones. The Mansha’s portraits, one on the left, are a prime example of this. They can also make timeless and unique gift ideas. Hand painted family portraits are also available.

Turnaround and Delivery

Usually 5-7 working days from receipt of deposit. Sometimes it can take longer but not by much.


6 Responses to “Canvas Art”

  1. Sadiah says:

    I was wondering if you coud let me know of the details and prices of your canvases.

    I would like you to do ‘Abu Amin’ in Arabic calligraphy on an A4 canvas.

    Please let me know, thanks.

  2. tahesting, tahesting…

  3. Jannat says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you can do my name “Jannat” in arabic caliigraphy in the 2ft by 1ft canvas.

    Kind Reagrds,